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Vladimir Koylazov and “Chaos Group” – with an Oscar for “Science and Engineering” in film art

The American Film Academy published an official announcement for the winners in the category “Science and technological achievements.” They will receive their awards on the 11th  of February 2017 two weeks before the big “Oscars.” The Bulgarian programmer Vladimir Koylazov (38) will be awarded the Oscar for “original concept, design, and implementation of V-Ray” in the introduction and bringing the 3D visualisation in film to perfection. The Technological Oscars award is one for the overall contribution to filmmaking development. Vladimir Koylazov is a partner in the software company “Chaos Group” with fellow Bulgarian – Petar Mitev. The company has...

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The Bulgarian cinema in 2016

The publication was prepared jointly by the National Film Centre (NFC), the Bulgarian office of the Creative Europe Programme – Media and the Observatory of Cultural Economics – Bulgaria. It examines the latest data on the state of the audiovisual industry in Bulgaria, the opportunities to access financing and also existing film production regulations. The publication equally explores the processes taking place in the Bulgarian film industry and provides information on Bulgarian producers, festivals, film distributors, institutions and organisations working in promoting the development of the Bulgarian film art. Download from...

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Director Niki Iliev – in a new adventure for viewers

To the question “Where the title of his latest film -“All she wrote“ was inspired from , Niki Iliev says: “All she wrote” actually is an American expression associated with World War II. When America was on the side of the Allies against Hitler and have sent troops across the ocean, and these soldiers have received letters from girlfriends who very often were unexpected. It became a tradition for them to read each other’s letters, and each letter after some time began to end with the phrase: “That’s all she wrote.” In other words: “The End.” So “All she...

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Literature as a “search engine for answers”

Writer Iliya Troyanov, whose book “The World Is Big, and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner”  took to the big screen by director Stefan Komandarev, published a new book entitled – “Power and resistance.”  Why exactly him whose success beyond the border in the west is notable? A Bulgarian who left his native country barely at six, and calls himself a “citizen of the world” digs in deep into this Bulgarian historical sore legacy? His answer is: “The fact is that there are hardly ten Bulgarian authors who write on this subject, made me feel that duty calls upon me ...

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The Cinema: magic and technology

The National Polytechnic Museum in Sofia celebrates the 120th anniversary of the first film screening in Bulgaria with a dedicated exhibition. Exhibits and an accompanying diversity of programmes on “Cinema” are available for movie lovers from the 20th December 2016 until April 19th, 2017. The Ministry of Culture provides funding for the...

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The association “POZOR” organises a new edition of “Northern Lights”

From the 7th until the 15th of December, Sofia Film buffs will meet with premiere titles by Scandinavian filmmakers in the 8th edition of the film festival “Northern Lights”.  The start of the programme will take place at the House of Cinema with the film “Homecoming” by Finnish director Mika Kaurismaki. 14 films are on the screening list at the House of Cinema, the Cultural Centre G8, and Euro-cinema. The films include: “We are the best” by Lukas Moodysson, awarded the Grand Prize of the festival in Tokyo. “Silent Heart” by Bille August, awarded with “Silver Seashell” in San...

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The Short Film Festival “In The Palace” in its 14th edition

81 films from 28 countries, of whom 26 films are Bulgarian participate in the festival competition.  The idea of the organisers is quite original, having deployed the festival in stages. The festival launches at the National Palace of Culture (NPC) in Sofia. This event will take place from the 1st to the 6th of  December 2016. It will follow in Veliko Tarnovo from the 30th of April to the 7th of May 2017, then in Varna from May 28th to June 4th, 2017, and will close in Balchik (from June 24th to July 1st, 2017). The jury of international...

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25 years of MEDIA : Investing in Creativity, Building the Future

The European Commission jointly with the Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR) in Brussels organise a European Film Forum on the 1st and 2nd December this year to mark the 25th anniversary of the launch of the MEDIA programme, which is in support of the film industry in Europe. The organisers foresee debates on competitiveness, innovation and conditions for cross-border distribution of films and discussions on the future of the industry....

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Publications and Research

Съобщение на ЕК: “Насърчаване на справедлива, ефективна и конкурентоспособна европейска икономика, основана на авторското право, в цифровия единен пазар” (БГ)  “Европейското право в крак с цифровата ера” (БГ) “From Script to Screen – THE IMPORTANCE OF COPYRIGHT IN THE DISTRIBUTION OF FILMS” (EN) “The first global map of cultural and creative industries” (EN) “The impact of cross-border access to audiovisual content on EU consumers” (EN) “Film Heritage in the EU” (EN) “CHALLENGES OF THE DIGITAL ERA FOR FILM HERITAGE INSTITUTIONS” (EN) “ACCESS TO FINANCE FOR THE CULTURAL AND CREATIVE SECTORS (CCS)” (EN) “Territoriality and its impact on the financing of audiovisual...

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Bulgarian participation in an exhibition on the topic “Jewelry and Cinema”

The jewelry of Polina Dimitrova, who for years lived in Sofia and Barcelona will be on show in the exhibition “Jewelry and cinema”, taking place in Porto, Portugal, between November 12th and December 31st this year. During her work on the theme “Cinema”, the movie “Sleeper“ (1973) by Woody Allen and “Gattaca” (1997) by Andrew Niccol were her source of inspiration. The original idea of the organisers – the gallery Tincal lab (Porto, Portugal), has attracted more than 40 jewelers from around the world. More information...

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Sofia creative city cinema UNESCO

On 01.12.2014, Sofia joins the network of creative cities of UNESCO, and was awarded the title "City of Film". The certificate was presented by the Director General of the International Organisation Mrs. Irina Bokova, the Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Yordanka Fandoukova


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