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Without an “Oscar” in the “factory of illusions”

“Blind Vaishya” did not receive its well-expected and deserved “Oscar”, nevertheless the nomination in itself is a major breakthrough in the world of big cinema for talented Bulgarian artists – Theo Ushev, Georgi Gospodinov, and Kotarashki. The film is gentle and a no-horror tale that touches and shakes the heart, but without an optimistic outcome which is characteristic of the fairytale genre. As if saying “There is no point in deceiving ourselves, the world is certainly not going...

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Internet platform connects art creative teams

Bulgarians are the creators of – a platform aimed at the entertainment industry, whose purpose is to facilitate the collection of teams for joint projects in film, television, advertising, gaming and more. The creators have the ambition to become the largest catalogue industry that informs, connects and creates jobs for numerous artists in these areas, while saving many hours and days in search of co-producers, actors, writers, sound engineers and many other professionals and projects of this creative guild. The platform will work globally and in many languages. The authors of the idea Nikolay Mihaylov Sofia Vassileva and...

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Vladimir Koylazov – picks up his well-deserved “Oscar”

On the 11th of February night, the nominated Bulgarian programmer was declared as one of the18 holders of the “Oscar” award for 2017 in the category of “Sciences and technical achievements” for the “original concept, design and implementation of V-Ray technologies in filmmaking”. More information...

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Angela Nedyalkova – the new face in “Trainspotting” 2

Bulgarian actress, Angela Nedyalkova is member of the cast in the new film by British director Danny Boyle – “Trainspotting 2” , which is a follow-up to the successful film of the 90s with the same title, nominated for “Oscar” and awarded the “BAFTA” scenario prize Тhe sequel follows the lives of the characters 20 years later, and the character of Angela – Nikki is the new name among famous actors Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee Miller, and Ewen Bremner. The premiere of “Trainspotting” 2 was screened this month in Edinburgh. Angela Nedyalkova is only 25 years old...

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The film  “Blind Vaysha” by Bulgarian Theodor Ushev – nominated for “Oscar”

Artist-animator Theodor Ushev, who lives and works in Canada is the second Bulgarian artist nominated for “Oscar” this year. His film “Blind Vaysha” based on the story by another Bulgarian author – Georgi Gospodinov is now in the bid in the category “best short animated film.” The film tells the story in six minutes of Vaysha – a girl who looks with one eye to the future, and with the other to the past, devotes a lifetime to stay sightless to the present. Awarded  with an “Oscar” in the area “Science and technological achievements” for an “original idea, design...

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Nikolay Todorov – grabs the award for the most poetic movie

Bulgarian director Nikolay Todorov  received the award in person from Emir Kusturica founder and director of the International Film and Music Festival Kustendorf in Serbia. Writer of the short film “Before I sleep” is Dimitar Sardzhev, photographed by Kyril Prodanov with actors Dimitar Nikolov and Laura Nikolaeva. The producer of Nikolay Todorov’s film  is Screening Emoutions, and co-producers – Abraxas Film, Pick Audio, Magic Shop, Audiovideo Orpheus. The film had the support of the National Film Centre (NFC) and the Foundation “America for...

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Insiders from the animators circles introduce an exhibition at the National Palace of Culture

Bulgarian animators describe with sketches and drawings the process of creating cartoons in an exhibition devoted to the creative process in animation. During the event, fragments of cartoons that complement the image “of the insiders” will roll on large digital screens in the showroom. The presentation of films from the 12th International Animation Film Festival ,  which took place in September 2016 in Varna, will be held at the National Palace of Culture (NPC) in Sofia from the 27th till the 29th of January, 2017. The programme provides three feature films and three short selections of 75 minutes each....

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The Day of Bulgarian cinema – January 13th

January the 13th is the date on which the Bulgarian film community celebrates 102 years of the first public screening of “BULGARAN IS GALLANT”, a landmark film and a Bulgarian historical event, produced by legendary filmmaker Vasil Gendov. Congratulations to all who love cinema and care now and for the future of the Bulgarian Film Arts! The National Film Centre (NFC) will celebrate this special date at cinema theatre “Lumiere” at the National Palace of Culture (NPC) with a selection of Bulgarian films on the theme “Short film without frontiers.” More information...

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The “MENAR” film festival from the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa launches in Sofia this week

The organisers of the association “POZOR” have included this year’s ninth edition of “MENAR” in the programme – the best of the feature, documentary and short films from the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. There are also a specially selected thematic events related to the countries of this region, as well as the customs of ethnic groups that inhabit their land. More information here....

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Adela Peeva – 45 years of creative activity

Adela Peeva is a Bulgarian producer and filmmaker with a remarkable biography. Her film “Whose is this song?” and “Divorce Albanian Style” received acclaims with the nomination of the European Film Academy (EFA) for best European film. Prior to 1990, she worked as a director for television channels in former Yugoslavia. Later in her career, she worked at the documentary film studio “VREME” where she produced more than 50 documentaries and with film Studio “BOYANA” – she made the feature film “The Neighbour”. Her films from that period:  “Mothers” – with the prize “Silver Rhyton” and “In the name...

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Sofia creative city cinema UNESCO

On 01.12.2014, Sofia joins the network of creative cities of UNESCO, and was awarded the title "City of Film". The certificate was presented by the Director General of the International Organisation Mrs. Irina Bokova, the Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Yordanka Fandoukova


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