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The Bulgarian cinema overwhelms in the neighbourhoods of Sofia

For the third consecutive year, the enthusiasts-organisers of “The residential blocks Cinema” in the capital city will “launch” the improvised “cinemas” in 10 districts of Sofia. The audience will have the opportunity to view for free 20 contemporary feature films (short and full-length) and 5 documentary Bulgarian films outdoors in the spaces between the neighbourhood blocks of flats. For the full programme of screenings click...

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Launch of KINOlove – short-film tour in Bulgaria

The second edition of the tour KINOlove starts with a premiere screening in Primorsko. The success of last year showed that the interest of the Bulgarian audience in the short-film tour is great and this fact inspired the organisers to make the second edition. This year, 7 screenings are scheduled in 7 cities. In addition to the films of Yassen Genadiev, Toma Washarov and the young directors’ group of NO BLINK, the audience will meet live with the directors, camera operators and actors of the films in the programme. More info...

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The life of the Roma in film

The Municipality of the Danube city Rousse organises the festival “Roma and Cinema” for the second consecutive year, devoted to the life, music and customs of this ethnic group. Three films are scheduled in the programme: “Gadjo dilo”  (“Crazy Stranger“)  by Tony Gatlif, “The Black Swallow” by Bulgarian director Georgi Djulgerov and ” Com / watch? V = MPRhObhmRRk” by Emir Kusturica. The festival is sponsored by the Swiss Confederation as part of the Swiss contribution to the expanding European...

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The festival of Italian cinema in Sofia

For the second year, the Festival of the Italian Cinema in Sofia is open within the annual “Italian Festival in Bulgaria”. The event is organised by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, and the region of Puglia, one of the most picturesque and rich in tradition Italian areas, is presented this year. The festival presents regional achievements in the field of Eno gastronomy and tourism that are known worldwide, but the focus is on the film industry of the region where Italy’s largest film studio is currently located. For ten years, the film-making industry experienced an unprecedented surge...

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The fourth forum in Sofia of the new generation of filmmakers from Bulgaria and Europe

The latest edition of the “Meeting of the Young European Cinema” festival starts in Sofia. The festival is held to support young filmmakers and filmmakers with the original idea of ​​promoting their development and showing their first creative expression, developing their taste for modern European cinema through screenings, discussions and practical workshops.  The idea was born out of the creative meeting in 2014 between Bulgarian Ralitsa Asenova,  French Lena Ruxelli, and Camille Badueel. Besides Ralitsa, the organisers are, the association “Arte Urbana Collectif”, Vasilena Vassileva, Dimitar Uzunov and the trainees Kamelia Khalil, Dimitri Drandarevska, Ninon Lacroix, Marin Lacroix with...

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Whirligig, lunatics and flying saucers in Teodor Ushev’s new film

Bulgarian animator Theodor Ushev, whose film “Blind Vaysha” was nominated for the Oscar prize this year, is preparing a film project on Vladislav Todorov’s latest novel “Whirligig“. The main character in the film is a sign of a totalitarian landmark in Bulgaria with a shape utterly resembling a whirligig or a flying saucer and inspired the creative tandem for the film realisation of this “brutal tale” (the term is from the subtitle of the novel). The story is influenced by Russian “Cosmism” – a philosophical and cultural movement in Russia from the early 20th century, whose representatives believe that...

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“Class 2017” at the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts – Good luck!

The National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Krastyo Sarafov” dispatched its graduates from the “2017 Class” – 130 graduates from the faculties of “Performing Arts” and “Screen Arts”. Prof. Stanislav Semerdjiev the Rector of the Academy and the Mayor of Sofia, Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova, wished them further success in the profession. Photo – Mariana Gjjanova (4 course...

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Getting Started in the Cinema World

This year, the master class of the great Bulgarian director and lecturer at the New Bulgarian University (NBU) Prof. Georgi Dyulgerov presents 20 graduate short films, made from 2015 until now, as well as works of his students from the Department of “Cinema, Advertising and Show business” at the NBU. The films featured some of the most popular and beloved Bulgarian actors....

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“Stop motion” – а Collection with dedication 

Lecturers, colleagues, and friends from the academic circles dedicated a compendium of research and analytical texts to the anniversary of Prof. Lyudmil Hristov. Authors in the edition are speakers from the New Bulgarian University (NBU) and from other higher schools, his colleagues, friends, and people with like beliefs. The collection reflects an endless variety of topics that are captivating while offering all the excitement to Prof. Hristov today. A general reference point for them is the art of cinema and its genesis through ancient images to its modern versatility. In addition to cinema art, articles examined the visual images in advertising and graphic design as well as...

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Days of the festival with the lovely motto: “Sending a message of love”

The fourteenth edition of “IN THE PALACE” – the biggest international short film festival in the Balkans, which started late last year in Sofia, continues with the festival events in other Bulgarian cities. After Sofia – 01 – 06.12.2016 in the National Palace of Culture, Veliko Tarnovo follows (30.04 – 07.05.2017) where the unique of its kind youth workshop “CINE Super 8 is in progress. In addition, the preparation for shooting on film reels new films about the city is in full swing. Five teams are actively involved in the production of short films using the classical analogue technology,...

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Sofia creative city cinema UNESCO

On 01.12.2014, Sofia joins the network of creative cities of UNESCO, and was awarded the title "City of Film". The certificate was presented by the Director General of the International Organisation Mrs. Irina Bokova, the Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Yordanka Fandoukova


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