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Literature as a “search engine for answers”

Literature as a “search engine for answers”

Writer Iliya Troyanov, whose book “The World Is Big, and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner”  took to the big screen by director Stefan Komandarev, published a new book entitled – “Power and resistance.”  Why exactly him whose success beyond the border in the west is notable? A Bulgarian who left his native country barely at six, and calls himself a “citizen of the world” digs in deep into this Bulgarian historical sore legacy? His answer is: “The fact is that there are hardly ten Bulgarian authors who write on this subject, made me feel that duty calls upon me  to write and gather relevant material.” The novel traces the historical authenticity of events in as much as during totalitarianism but also depicts the agony suffered by the hoax transition to democracy. While working on the book, the writer felt himself as if in a swamp – surfacing now and then, leaving the manuscript behind with a strong feeling of not wanting to go back again. He sunk himself twenty years in investigating the content of the secret files of the state secret security agency, whose style he described as a “linguistic genocide interwoven with dummy content.” The big problem according to him is that for a prolonged period people did not have access to those documents, and the majority of those who knew the truth have already passed. Sooner or later all of those who experienced those dark years will follow suit, and the new generations will mistakenly take the archives of the totalitarian regime for real.

“Power and Resistance” has a wide readership with the same considerable interest in many countries around the world. It received the nomination for the best novel written in German in 2015.   

Sofia creative city cinema UNESCO

On 01.12.2014, Sofia joins the network of creative cities of UNESCO, and was awarded the title "City of Film". The certificate was presented by the Director General of the International Organisation Mrs. Irina Bokova, the Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Yordanka Fandoukova


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