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“Shrimp” by Dimitar Kotsev

A book written good for a film: “Shrimp” by Dimitar Kotsev – Shosho

Dimitar Kotsev – Shosho writes his books as if for a screenplay; in as much as his characters and situations are absurd, they are much alive and reflecting realities. It is not by chance that from his first novel, Lora From Morning Till Evening an interesting film has emerged. This was truly a script ready for the screen. Perhaps because of the considerable “film rush” nowadays writers think and create like screenwriters. Stories become visibly alive while you read. And readers are trapped by their imagination and see the novel as if on screen. I do not know whether it’s good or not, because the illusion by the magic of reading is slightly lost, and reality is not its abundant grounds. But that’s how it is today, we must be realistic, otherwise we will be wasting time. Recognising prototypes in a flash, or identifying only separate features of individually recognisable people lingering in the public realm without being the least, disturbed or transformed. It is a pity that their unchanging feature changes most of us.

In cinema things are not explained, but are spoken. Shrimp is an allusion to the spiral of life, or rather it’s a fun twist. Do we need to ask ourselves: Why exactly this zoological species’ appearance have some astrological sense, or is an attribute of sea life … as it were, there is no response by the end of the book, although in an interview, to the question: Why have you entitled your novel “Shrimp”? Shosho replied: “First of all because it has regard to history, but also because I like how it sounds short, shocking and completely unclear.” One question remains unanswered: Do we at the of the book express our farewell to the shadows of socialism who were horridly twisted in the wraith of the political transition, and somehow today are sealed behind the illusive frame of well-being? We ask a little disappointed: Why the handsome moral character has from the beginning evolved into another villain? Is that what ought to happen to honest people in our days? We answer ourselves – the characters in this novel have real-life prototypes, and that in real life things happen that way. Romance of honour and principles is temporary, because very often it is hit in the head while it shrinks and withers as a shrimp. This is how man is – survived because he adapted himself to circumstances. A sad conclusion, but cheerfully told. And from experience I know that where there is humour in something, there is hope. Happy texts leave the door open for another happy story and hope to enter. So we look forward to the next novel for cinema by Shosho.

Sofia creative city cinema UNESCO

On 01.12.2014, Sofia joins the network of creative cities of UNESCO, and was awarded the title "City of Film". The certificate was presented by the Director General of the International Organisation Mrs. Irina Bokova, the Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Yordanka Fandoukova


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