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How real stories are transformed into film?

The film “UROK”, “Lesson” – a story from the recent past

Since 2014 the film “UROK”, “Lesson” excelled in national and international festivals. The report on awards shows: SIFF, Toronto, San Sebastian, Warsaw, Tokyo , Thessaloniki, Angers , Cuenca, Gothenburg, Golden Rose in Varna. The story could have taken place anywhere in the world: an honest and hard-working woman falls into desperation, and destiny transforms her into the opposite of her real nature. The most startling about this woman is that she is a teacher who educates our children. Since the story is focused on a case of criminal nature, it strongly grabbed the public attention to the first full-length feature film by young directors and writers Christina Grozeva and Peter Valchanov. The film is so free of melodrama that the actors behave like non-professionals – realistic behaviour and natural human reactions. For film critics this is a successful film debut, which is proven by the numerous awards it has received. For sociologists this is a true human story told in film, and its sequel in real life is the key to explaining our lives today – the honest often become villains, and the bad are the “successful” in today’s society. Much like in a movie …

Sofia creative city cinema UNESCO

On 01.12.2014, Sofia joins the network of creative cities of UNESCO, and was awarded the title "City of Film". The certificate was presented by the Director General of the International Organisation Mrs. Irina Bokova, the Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Yordanka Fandoukova


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